Faculty/School regulations

- General information

Code Subject Type ECTS credits
14610 Internship I Required 6
14612 Internship II Required 24


External practices

The aim of the external practices is that the student learn to develop the competitions and necessary skills for the exercise of him advocacia. You practise them external structure in two subjects compulsory: External Practices And (6 ECTS) and Practical External II (24 ECTS).

The subject External Practices And, ubiqued to the second semester of the master, consists, fundamentally, in the realisation of simulations of trials in the field of the diverse orders jurisdictional. Likewise, it foresees the participation of the students of the master in the Days of simulations legal organised by the Judicial School.

The subject External Practices II, ubiqued to the third semester of the master, consists in the realisation of practical in professional dispatches that the own student can propose or, in the case, eases for the 'Illustrate School of him Advocacia of Lleida. In both cases, the dispatch has to fulfil the following requirements: (and) #prpers have not been object of sanction (ii) be abreast of payment of the school quotes. Regarding the tutor/to of the practical, has to have a minimum accredited of 8 years of professional exercise.

The evaluation of the practical will do with base in (and) a report of the tutor/to and (ii) a memory drafted by the student. These documents have to follow the models that attach to continuation:

Report of the tutor/to

Memory of external practices

Professional offices collaborators